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GUST Alumni working at GUST

GUST was not only a place where I received my education and degree from, GUST was my second home and its people were a family. Each corner of GUST campus holds certain remarkable moments and every single person I met during my journey at GUST managed to contribute in teaching me a valuable lesson... Read more
As part of the GUST alumnus I must be frank, GUST had its ups and its downs but today I am grateful to GUST I did not truly understand until I graduated and started working. I am able today to apply the skills, concept and theories to real life situations in my working environment. Basically GUST... Read more
In April 2014, the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs collaborates with GUST Alumni Office through Jahzeen program. Jahzeen is a group of young Kuwaiti who are specialized and internationally certified in career guidance and assisting "soon to be graduates" or job seekers to be aware of the... Read more